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Designed for 1/8 scale

1/8 Pocher Rolls Royce Transkits & Upgrades

These transkits & upgrades have been designed specifically for the 1/8 Pocher Rolls Royce.
( K72 / K75 / K83 )

1/8 Pocher Rolls Royce

Ignition & Distributor System
Cable Management Upgrade

$45 (AUD)

1/8 Pocher Rolls Royce

Dunlop Wheel Removal
Spanner - Engine Bay Mount

$17.50 (AUD)

All of our transkits / upgrades / accessories / mods modifications have been designed to be a perfect fit, with as little change to the original Pocher 1/8 Rolls Royce as possible. We strive to create interesting and exciting upgrade parts that add maximum visual appeal, high levels of accuracy that replicate the prototype Bugatti's down to the smallest nut and bolt. As well as identifying areas of the Pocher Rolls Royce that need work, we are always listening to you, our customer, for any ideas and specific needs and improvements as well as custom work you need to complete your dream build. 

Our products suit all versions, including Rolls Royce Sedanca Coupe Phantom II Torpedo Phantom II Convertible Phantom II Ambassador

Our current 1/8 Rolls Royce range includes:

Dunlop Wheel Removal Spanner Ignition and Cable management Set

Add our Heat Shield Foil to the engine bay of your Pocher Rolls Royce for a more prototypical look.

Our manufacturing methods cover 3D printing, CNC metal machining, laser cutting & engraving, resin casting, decal production to name a few. We are always on the lookout for new and interesting materials that can be obtained to improve other areas of the model kit as well, and happy to share these suggestions with all our customers.

We design, produce and test build every product sold by us. We are constantly making changes and improving our product range, adding new items, taking on customer requests, all in an effort to give you the most satisfying modelling experience. 

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