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1 8 Pocher Ferrari F40 LM GTE Rear Wing & Spoiler Lip Upgrade Transkit

1 8 Pocher Ferrari F40 LM GTE Rear Wing & Spoiler Lip Upgrade Transkit


1 8 Pocher Ferrari F40 LM GTE Racing Rear Wing &Deck Lip Spoiler Transkit Upgrade



- 1/8 Pocher Ferrari F40 - All Versions



- You will receive an unpainted / unassembled kit - NO original Pocher kit parts are provided

- Resin

- Twin blade design with separate end plates and centre support

- New locating pins with hex-head detail provided

- Rear deck spoiler with separate ''studs'' - easy painting contrasting colours

- See our other listings for suitable carbon decals for the wing blades


- 1 x Large wing blade

- 1 x Small wing blade

- 2 x End-plates

- 1 x Centre support

- 1 x Rear deck lip spoiler

- 8 x Locating pins (4 required for kit / 4 provided as spare)

- 20 x Studs for lip-spoiler (9 required for kit / 11 provided as spare)

- 10 x Studs for end-plates (4 require for kit / 6 provided as spare)


This set has been designed as a direct fit to the 1/8 Pocher Ferrari F40. No body modifications are necessary. Separate end plates, mounting pins, centre support and wing blades combine to creats the iconic twin blade wing design of the LM and GTE road and race cars. Kit also includes the deck-lip spoiler with moulded in screws for easy assembly. A perfect quick and easy transkit upgrade modification to add instant appeal to your 1/8 Pocher Ferrari F40 


Combine this with our carbon decal sets for greater realism.


1/8 1:8 1 8


Ferrari F40


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