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Jaguar E-Type Series 2
Reference Images

After a visit to my old Jaguar mechanic on the Gold Coast, I spotted an E-Type in the carpark.  

After finding out the story behind this particular car (basically parked up many years ago after serious engine damage), I managed to get a good look around it and take pics for reference.

The vehicle was a Series 2, however after talking with my mechanic, he went over a few of the major differences between the S1 & S2. The basic frame / chassis / suspension set up are the same between models, with major changes for the S2 being the 4.2 litre engine, open headlights, larger mouth / grille section, different console / dash panel (rocker switches in the S2 - Toggle switches in the S1), closed glove box in the series 2, tail-lights etc.

This car was waiting to undergo a restoration so these pics would be great reference for anyone wanting to replicate the dirt / grime / rust of a ''barn-find'' car, as well as useful pics of the engine bay, chassis, interior roof lining etc.

Of note, this particular car is fitted with an ''alarm system'' common at the time, produced in Redfern, Sydney Australia! You will see this in the engine bay, the silver object shaped like an old school-bell (for those of use old enough to remember what they looked like, and from the shape and design I am guessing it probably sounded like one too!


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